Returning to Mandalas

This is an invitation to join me in a sacred Earth meditation practice. I was reminded yesterday in a conversation with a friend how much my periodic commitment to mandala meditation practices have changed my life over the years. From drawing mandalas on paper in the 90′s, to saving rocks in baskets and bowls and nurturing giant medicine wheels in the woods behind my house…

Whenever I commit to a daily meditation practice with mandalas and nature, something powerful in my life heals and shifts, answers come, pathways and decisions become clear. Continue reading

Upcoming Workshop! Heart-Earth-Drum: Vibrational Healing with the Web of Life

IMG_20180117_105608190_HDRHi, folks. There are no longer spaces available in this workshop. Please email me if you would like to join the waiting list for the next session: eemeacham @

 We are now together in a web of light manifesting the healing of our lives and the world! In this three-month workshop series I will support you to bring forth your own vibrational healing intelligence to transform your life and our world.  Working with vibrational energy to co-create and transform our world is in our physical and spiritual DNA. We all have these sensitivities which only need to be awakened to work wonders in our lives.

Continue reading

Weds, Dec. 20: Sacred New Moon Solstice Circle

new_moon_goddessI am so excited to lead this circle with my friend and colleague in light, Brigid Hopkins!

Connect with and harness the power of the New Moon and the Earth as we move into Winter. In this workshop, Brigid Hopkins and Liz Meacham will lead a new moon ceremony and meditation, followed by trance drumming and a shamanic journey. First we will explore our feelings, bodies, hopes, and intentions as we move into a new lunar cycle. Following this new moon ceremony, we will invite guidance and power symbols for the season ahead by connecting with our spirit helpers through trance drumming and shamanic journey work. Continue reading

Earth Rights and the Problem of Ecofacism

I am enjoying immensely my break from thinking about environmental ethics over the past year and a half (since leaving my professor gig). It is psychologically overwhelming to teach about and contemplate such concerns on a regular basis. Now refreshed from my break, I’m back to thinking about what it would look like to grant “rights” to the Earth, including other species and ecosystems. This idea of Earth rights is circulating in the public sphere right now because it’s come up during the current climate talks as the basis of a solution to the climate crisis.  Continue reading

Women’s Shamanic Mentoring Group: Winter Session


Image credit: Jo Jayson ~ Artist/Teacher saved to Grandmother Spider Grandmother Spider - The Weaver - Original Painting and Prints in my Etsy Shop
Image credit: Jo Jayson ~

Welcome! The winter session is full. I will run two groups in the Spring: Sunday afternoon and Tuesday evening. Send me an email if you would like to be on a waiting list for Spring: eemeacham @

In this three-month experiential workshop series, participants will learn methods for shamanic journeying in a safe and supportive environment. We will explore a variety of journeying methods, as well as effective ways to prepare for shamanic journeying.

Embarking on a path of shamanic journey work offers many chances for profound healing, life shifts, and transformation. I know from personal experience that having one-on-one guidance from someone that has walked this path helps tremendously to actualize and learn to hold the expansion of consciousness that regular journey work invites (it’s up to us if we want to take these invitations). Continue reading

Why do we say Gaia?

gaiaAs the Earth rotates us toward a new season, re-aligning our relationship to the sun, I thought I would honor Earth by reflecting on an important name of our planetary home: Gaia.  Many people refer to Earth as Gaia for a variety of reasons, including spiritual, archetypal, and scientific, to name a few.  In Greek mythology, Gaia is Earth personified in the form of a goddess, the ancestral mother of all life on the planet.  James Lovelock, in his now famous Gaia Hypothesis, argues that the biosphere is a self-regulating organism that  organizes and perpetuates all planetary systems.  Continue reading