A New Vision for the Earth

illuminationFor decades, I’ve wondered how to create a sustainable world. Before sustainability was a well-known word, I dedicated my life to environmental activism during my college years. I protested, partook in civil disobedience, and fought for environmental legislation. As a graduate student, and a teacher of environmental thought, I sought the ideas and practices that would show us the way to live in balance with the earth. In recent years, I find myself focusing more and more on hope, and less and less on tragedy. The explosion in global sustainability projects over the past decade help a lot. I try to focus my thoughts on the many actions taking place around the globe for social justice and for the earth.

Recently, I found a book that takes this focus on hope and “seeing the change” to a new level. Illumination: Change Yourself, Change the World, is a spiritual guide to envisioning and becoming the change that we want to see on our planet. Like the Pachamama Alliance, this book provides deep spiritual wisdom and guidance on re-dreaming our collective dream as a way to change the direction and future of the human race on earth. This message is coming from many places in many forms: we have what it takes inside of us to create a harmonious, peaceful, beautiful, caring, and balanced life on earth.

Here is a link to the Pachamama Alliance website: http://www.pachamama.org/