Cultivating Community in Sacred Circles

IMG_20170516_201019204 Lately, I am blessed with many chances to share ceremonial, earth-honoring circles with many beautiful souls. Last night, through Lake Erie Institute, I had another chance to heal and grow through the kind of deep community that comes about in sacred circles.

There is so much in my heart right now that it’s hard to put it into words. At last night’s Sacred Earth Circle, Christopher Reynolds ( led a sacred fire circle honoring our pain in community, giving it to the fire and the Earth.

IMG_20170517_080829He shared stories weaving earth and indigenous intelligence between his original, spirit filled songs. He brought forth our stories and voices. These circles of community ceremony honoring earth/spirit intelligence, which my new life is bringing me about once a week at this point, is filling me with a new kind of meaning. I feel an unprecedented balance in my life from this growing community of souls. There is an ancient remembering, stored in my DNA, arising in my heart.  Together, we are re-earthing, awakening into a healing dream for the Earth. Thank you all who are walking this sacred path with me.

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