Blessings, blessings all around!

Chagrin River, Fall 2018
Chagrin River, Fall 2018

Well, friends. It’s been a busy, blessed, amazing summer of beauty and connection! I’ve had wonderful time with my children, family, and friends. My new project as of this year, Lake Erie Institute, has started to take off over the past few months. I feel overcome with gratitude that this dream is coming to fruition beyond my wildest expectations. I jumped off of the cliff, and the Divine Spirit of the Universe is giving me wings. For this post, I want to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU: to my many friends in this and other realms, and to Great Spirit, for my many, many blessings. In a time of challenges, pain, and upheaval on the planet, I am grateful to work with and know so many people that are coming together to create a new world of healing, justice, and love.

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