Women’s Shamanic Mentoring Group: Winter Session


Image credit: Jo Jayson ~ Artist/Teacher saved to Grandmother Spider Grandmother Spider - The Weaver - Original Painting and Prints in my Etsy Shop https://www.etsy.com/shop/JoJaysonGoddessArt
Image credit: Jo Jayson ~ https://www.etsy.com/shop/JoJaysonGoddessArt

Welcome! The winter session is full. I will run two groups in the Spring: Sunday afternoon and Tuesday evening. Send me an email if you would like to be on a waiting list for Spring: eemeacham @ gmail.com.

In this three-month experiential workshop series, participants will learn methods for shamanic journeying in a safe and supportive environment. We will explore a variety of journeying methods, as well as effective ways to prepare for shamanic journeying.

Embarking on a path of shamanic journey work offers many chances for profound healing, life shifts, and transformation. I know from personal experience that having one-on-one guidance from someone that has walked this path helps tremendously to actualize and learn to hold the expansion of consciousness that regular journey work invites (it’s up to us if we want to take these invitations).

Coming into our power as spiritual beings is a commitment, and a path for the brave of heart. To become healers of ourselves and our world  requires support from guides in both the Earth and spiritual realms. To provide this support, members of our group will get a monthly individual session with me for spiritual mentoring, personal growth, and shamanic energy work to support your personal journey of discovery, healing, and transformation.

During our group sessions each participant will have an opportunity to discuss and develop a personal method for journeying that works for them.  Our journeys will focus on meeting spiritual helpers and guides for healing, guidance, and support. 

Together we will:

-work with multiple modes of preparation for shamanic journeying,

-practice methods to reach a theta brainwave state, which allows for experience of alternate realities,

-experience travel in shamanic realms to meet their spirit helpers and guides,

-engage in profound spiritual work supported in our group sessions, and in one-on-one sessions with me each month,

-and, develop a personalized practice for shamanic journeying that you can use at home.

Winter 2017/18 dates: Meetings and individual sessions will take place at my office in Wickliffe, right near 90. I will email a welcome letter with the office address the week before we meet.

group 1) Sunday afternoons from 1 to 4, on 12/17, 1/21, 2/25

group 2) Tuesday evenings, from 6 to 9, on 12/19, 1/23, 2/20

Read more about why I value shamanic journey work:  

Shamanism is the first religion of the human species. Now more than ever we need the archetypal gifts that shamanic work opens up within our psyche. Shamanism was the religion of my indigenous, northern European ancestors. All of our ancestral roots lead back to shamanic culture at some point in the past. I believe that shamanic experience is in our DNA, and opens up deep and primal wisdom within us. Shamanism awakens earth and spiritual intelligence, which are desperately needed to face the profound challenges we face on the planet at this time.

In geologian Thomas Berry’s words from The Dream of the Earth (1990/2006, 211-212 ):

In moments of confusion such as the present, we are not left simply to our own rational contrivances. We are supported by the ultimate powers of the universe as they make themselves present to us through the spontaneities within our own being. We need only become sensitized to these spontaneities, not with a naïve simplicity, but with critical appreciation. This intimacy with our genetic endowment, and through this endowment with the larger cosmic process, is not primarily the role of the philosopher, priest, prophet, or professor. It is the role of the shamanic personality, a type that is emerging once again in our society.

…Not only is the shamanic type emerging in our society, but also the shamanic dimensions of the psyche itself. In periods of significant cultural creativity, this aspect of the psyche takes on a pervasive role throughout the society and shows up in all the basic institutions and professions…

This shamanic insight is especially important just now when history is being made not primarily within nations or between nations, but between humans and the earth, with all its living creatures. In this context all our professions and institutions must be judges primarily by the extent to which they foster this mutually enhancing human-earth relationship.

I did not train in a specific shamanic tradition, or seek to become a shaman at any point in my life.  After two decades of meditating in nature, unexpected fields of reality and experience opened up to me. Nature and spirit, including spirit guides during journey work, are my teachers.  My spiritual path leads me continually, and more deeply, toward shamanic experience and practice. I also learned a tremendous amount from my study of the spiritual practices of many world religions in my doctoral work, and from amazing shamanic mentors and healers that have taught me their methods in recent years.

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  1. I would love to come to this, but I know myself, and I hate driving in the winter at night – If you repeat this in the Spring, count me IN!!!!!!!!!!

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