Gratitude to My Guides for 2017

yemanya7I send profound gratitude and love to my primary helping spirits for 2017. Everything that came into the world through me this year has been led and supported by them (my healing work, Lake Erie Institute, completion of my book). Yemaya/Yemanya, ocean spirit and whale. 

I’ve included a picture of Yemaya, though she didn’t appear to me in human form. Rather she came somewhat formed into human shape made completely from drift wood, sea weed, shells, sand, and water. She had no face, and was awesome in her intensity. She rarely speaks in words but in energies, and she led me to ride and eventually become one with the whale.

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Whaletook me around the planet through the oceans and empowered me to feel the pain of the world with a giant heart, and to listen deeply to all of the sounds of the Earth, and to let myself grow big. Thank you my guides. I send you love and profound gratitude for your help and guidance. The ancient Earth guides are around us now, offering help and guidance through this time of the transformation of consciousness on our planet. It is up to us to mindfully shift our thoughts from the dominant wave lengths of the global culture to a state of spiritual attunement and listening with our heart-minds. This will lead us to the wisdom needed to heal the world.

Image credit: Yemanya in Goddess Card Pack by Juni Parkhurst

2 thoughts on “Gratitude to My Guides for 2017”

  1. This is such a great reminder to listen and to say “thank you” for the supports that allow us to be in touch with all there is.

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