Leading Like a Leaf

mandalagardenOur leadership model at Lake Erie Institute is growing in the new cultural space beyond a mechanistic worldview. This is an amazing, creative, expansive, supportive, life-enhancing, and ferociously exciting experience. This article (link below) captures some of what’s happening to and among us beautifully. The Earth guides us; we are living biomimicry.

So grateful for my LEI colleagues and friends engaged with me in re-learning to dream with Earth! I see us as creating a biodynamic mandala of a garden as we work and grow together: reaching out in concentric circles within and among our community of life.

“Life is by nature creative. Unlike mechanical systems, this is how she di-solves her problems. She moves to new levels or worlds where the problems are no longer problems. This is at the core of leadership in living systems. There is no far-seeing operator driving. Every member plays its unique role in moving the whole forward.”


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