Upcoming Workshop! Heart-Earth-Drum: Vibrational Healing with the Web of Life

IMG_20180117_105608190_HDRHi, folks. There are no longer spaces available in this workshop. Please email me if you would like to join the waiting list for the next session: eemeacham @ gmail.com.

 We are now together in a web of light manifesting the healing of our lives and the world! In this three-month workshop series I will support you to bring forth your own vibrational healing intelligence to transform your life and our world.  Working with vibrational energy to co-create and transform our world is in our physical and spiritual DNA. We all have these sensitivities which only need to be awakened to work wonders in our lives.

In our group sessions, I will teach methods of vibrational healing using heart light, elemental Earth energies, and drumming.  No prior experience is necessary.

Each month, we will meet as a group online via Skype. You will also receive a one hour individual session with me each month to help you apply the methods to specific areas of concern in your own life.

Group meetings will take place via Skype, on Wednesdays, from 1 to 3 pm EST. We will meet as a group of 1/31, 2/21, and 3/21.

Photo credit: livingdrums.com,
Photo credit: livingdrums.com,

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