Returning to Mandalas

This is an invitation to join me in a sacred Earth meditation practice. I was reminded yesterday in a conversation with a friend how much my periodic commitment to mandala meditation practices have changed my life over the years. From drawing mandalas on paper in the 90′s, to saving rocks in baskets and bowls and nurturing giant medicine wheels in the woods behind my house…

Whenever I commit to a daily meditation practice with mandalas and nature, something powerful in my life heals and shifts, answers come, pathways and decisions become clear.

Circles are the most ancient symbol that humans have for contemplating our place in the cosmos and within the web of life. Working with them in sacred ways reaches something that our Western minds can barely understand. These practices awaken dormant sensitivities that we need now more than ever.

Join me in committing to a daily 5 minute nature mandala meditation practice as we wait for spring. A bowl of rocks, a walk by the creek, a circle of leaves. 5 minutes seems so simple, AND can heal our lives. I’ve experienced this, and done qualitative studies on these methods. So simple, and so powerful! Here’s mine for today.

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