Individual Sessions

South Chagrin Reservation, Chagrin Falls, OH
South Chagrin Reservation, Chagrin Falls, OH, my “office.”

My work as an energy healer and spiritual coach focuses on personal growth and spiritual development.

I support individuals and groups to deepen their self awareness and spiritual connection through sustained contact with nature and spirit.

The practices I use in my individual sessions and workshops are non-denominational and can enhance or blend with your personal religious and contemplative tradition.

Most importantly, my work is about listening to and supporting your unfolding life story and spiritual growth.  We all need support to realign with life and light, and to find our own paths of wisdom in complex and challenging times.

My individual sessions offer opportunities:

    • to enrich awareness and self-discovery,
    • to deepen personal life meaning,
    • to unlock soul potential,
    • to understand and work with subtle energies,
    • to release fear and blocks,
    • to transmute emotional patterns and transform relationships through spiritual practices,
    • to discover and learn to live your spiritual mission,
    • and to access wisdom, guidance, and life direction.

Sessions and fees:

I meet with clients at my office in Chagrin Falls, and at South Chagrin Reservation weather permitting. I also make home visits when necessary.

liz_2015For more information, email me at: eemeacham at, or call: 216-409-3375.

Also, look for upcoming  events and workshops under Upcoming Events on this website.