Ecologos: Songs, Poems, Chants from The Goddess Project

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Laydown, from EcoLogos: © Elizabeth Meacham, 2007

Listener comments:

“…intriguing and engaging…a wonderful atmosphere for the listener.” -J.J. Beiner, Muse’s Muse

“…every note shines with a pure light of insight and life…” -Jay Roos, Bee’s Eye, Montpelier, VT

“Hauntingly primal.” -Sarah Littlefield, Cleveland Heights, OH

“We listen to it all the time…it adds sweetness to my home, there is soul that emanates through the songs and it brings alive the power of woman and earth in a melodic deeply rooted sound.” – Karen Heath, Barre, VT

“The beautiful guitar tones…are surpassed only by the richness of her vocal performance and the depth of her harmonies”. -Stuart Abrams, Shaker Heights, OH

“I loved how the words on this album formed a rhythm of their own. Plus, the music was so interesting I had to keep listening to hear what was coming next.” -Sara Freedman, Portland, OR


More about EcoLogos…from Liz.

EcoLogos is a collection of original songs, chants, and performance poems that grew gradually over a ten year period. Early on in the process, work began emerging that had decidedly ecospiritual themes, some very subtle, some more overt.

In the spring of 2002, I began to see that I had a small collection that has continued to develop. In 2003, when I had just begun recording at home, I started developing early arrangements of the songs (in fact, the very first recording has stayed in its original form). So, the completion of this project fulfills two dreams: to share this music that is my soul music, and to record a project in my own home studio (with mixing by the master, Tyler Owen).

Another dream has been to record a project that would allow me to play multiple instruments. I arranged, played, and recorded all of the parts myself on the tracks, enjoying the chance to pull out my flute and many whistles, along with guitar and percussion. This variety has created some challenges in performing songs from EcoLogos for live performances. I work with a loop station to perform them live in partial form.

This eclectic blend of arrangements has allowed me to bring previously disparate aspects of my musical self together, merging my singer/songwriter “folk singer” self with my performance art self, while spicing it all with the influence of the little girl that grew up on big harmony church music. I like to think of it as Joni Mitchell meets Laurie Anderson meets Sweet Honey in the Rock, all singing about the spirit of the earth. The music offers a lot of overlaid harmony vocals, with songs arranged in conventional “alternative folk” styles, a cappella chants, as well as some performance art “soundscape” formats.