Blessings, blessings all around!

Chagrin River, Fall 2018
Chagrin River, Fall 2018

Well, friends. It’s been a busy, blessed, amazing summer of beauty and connection! I’ve had wonderful time with my children, family, and friends. My new project as of this year, Lake Erie Institute, has started to take off over the past few months. I feel overcome with gratitude that this dream is coming to fruition beyond my wildest expectations. I jumped off of the cliff, and the Divine Spirit of the Universe is giving me wings. For this post, I want to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU: to my many friends in this and other realms, and to Great Spirit, for my many, many blessings. In a time of challenges, pain, and upheaval on the planet, I am grateful to work with and know so many people that are coming together to create a new world of healing, justice, and love.

The Art of Quiet

legacy of the heartLooking for a quotation to add to a section of my book in progress, I found this lovely passage by Wayne Muller, from his book Legacy of the Heart:

Brother David Steindle-Rast reminds us that the Chinese word for “busy” is composed of two characters: “heart” and “killing.” When we make ourselves so busy that we are always rushing around trying to get this or that “done,” or “over with,” we kill something vital in ourselves, and we smother the quiet wisdom of our heart. When we invest our work with judgment and impatience, always striving for speed and efficiency, we lose the capacity to appreciate the million quiet moment that may bring us peace, beauty, or joy. As we seek salvation through our frantic productivity and accomplishments, we squander the teaching that may be present in this very moment, in the richness of this particular breath.

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Sacred Path

Chögyam Trungpa, Shambala: The Sacred Path of the Warrior, 1984, p, 79.

Lately, I’m pulling books from my shelves that I’ve neglected for  years.  I am refreshing some of my roots. They are speaking to me in a new voice, on a deeper level…

“…letting go is more than just relaxation. It is relaxation based on being in tune with the environment, the world. One of the important principles of letting go is living in the challenge. But this does not mean living with a constant crisis. For the warrior, every moment is a challenge to be genuine, and each challenge is delightful. When you let go properly, you can relax and enjoy the challenge.”

Cultivating Community in Sacred Circles

IMG_20170516_201019204 Lately, I am blessed with many chances to share ceremonial, earth-honoring circles with many beautiful souls. Last night, through Lake Erie Institute, I had another chance to heal and grow through the kind of deep community that comes about in sacred circles.

There is so much in my heart right now that it’s hard to put it into words. At last night’s Sacred Earth Circle, Christopher Reynolds ( led a sacred fire circle honoring our pain in community, giving it to the fire and the Earth. Continue reading

A New Vision for the Earth

illuminationFor decades, I’ve wondered how to create a sustainable world. Before sustainability was a well-known word, I dedicated my life to environmental activism during my college years. I protested, partook in civil disobedience, and fought for environmental legislation. As a graduate student, and a teacher of environmental thought, I sought the ideas and practices that would show us the way to live in balance with the earth. In recent years, I find myself focusing more and more on hope, and less and less on tragedy. The explosion in global sustainability projects over the past decade help a lot. I try to focus my thoughts on the many actions taking place around the globe for social justice and for the earth.

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Earthdharma Daylong Retreat

IMG_20170326_181448 Yesterday, Bill Pfeiffer (Sky Otter), led an amazing Earthdharma retreat at Holden Arboretum: the first big event for Lake Erie Institute. I am still glowing from this incredible and amazing day! Thank you, Sky Otter, for facilitating a day of earth-loving, deep connection, and spiritual awakening. Thank you, Ohio souls, for bringing your profound wisdom and open hearts. I felt in awe of the collective wisdom of our circle. I was reminded that we already carry the vision that we require to heal our lives and our world. We need only come together to bring it forth from our hearts.



Visions of Change

Joanna Macy: Embracing Our Pain for the World

I realized yesterday that the events of the past week are breaking my heart (while also giving me many important reminders of the strength of the human spirit). Once I decided to let myself feel my broken heart, to grieve, I remembered Joanna Macy’s words: “A heart that splits open can contain the entire universe.” Remembering that my heart is the seat of my spiritual wisdom mind, I decided to listen to my broken heart for signals of how to be and act in the face of heart wrenching events. Continue reading