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Teaching Excellence Awards

Ursuline College, November 16, 2015

Pepper Pike: Professor explores whether fracking and efforts to sustain land can coexist in NE Ohio

Chagrin Valley Times, By RYAN DENTSCHEFF

“Can horizontal hydraulic fracturing coexist with efforts to sustain land and invest in renewable energy in Northeast Ohio?
That was the question raised by environmental philosopher Dr. Elizabeth Meacham during a lecture last week at Ursuline College.
“They can, but we need more regulation and need to slow way
down,” the assistant professor of philosophy and religious studies at the college said.”

Review of EcoLogos

Muse’s Muse, By J.J. Beiner

Then came the title track, Ecologos.  That one knocked me out.  It is a combination of spoken word, poetry, chant, and singing with a mbira (“thumb piano”) in the background.  It is recorded using multiple tracks so each of these elements overlaps the others and forms intricate patterns of sound and music.  The theme of the lyrics is man’s relationship with nature and general disrespect we have shown her.  This could easily have descended into the realm of the preachy and obnoxious or the political, but it didn’t.  It was intriguing and engaging.  It was at this point that I got what she was doing.”

Teaching Awards

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